Spray Foam insulation is extremely popular and widely used throughout the UK. However, is it the best choice for insulating your home? If you are looking to refinance your home or apply for a mortgage then it is not a very good option for you. It is important to consider the downsides of using Spray Foam in your property. It may be mandatory for you to have it removed before buying or selling a property. Also, it should be carried out by a reputable company at all times.

So, what is it?

Spray Foam insulation is applied to roof membranes and felts. It has been used for a very long time but these days the value of your property could be negatively affected by it.

There are many mortgage lenders that will refuse applications for properties which have this kind of insulation installed.

The Many Downsides to Using Spray Foam Insulation?
As previously mentioned, UK mortgage lenders as well as equity release companies will not
consider applications on properties where spray foam insulation is used. Also, there are
reports where properties had their roofs replaced to meet a lender’s requirements.

While some lenders may still consider the use of spray foam insulation as an acceptable
improvement to properties, too many other mortgage lenders do not. The fact that spray foam
has been used on homes and other UK properties for over 30 years, does not mean it is or has
been the best choice.
Should more lenders refuse to consider properties with spray foam for insulation, it may
result in the following:
Your property is harder to sell or re-mortgage
The value of your property may be negatively impacted
A roof replacement may be required to secure a mortgage or financing

In a nutshell, you could end up having to cope with spray foam insulation mortgage
problems should you want to sell or re-mortgage a property. There are many reasons for this
including the fact the foam can be a fire hazard. The insulation can be the death of your roof.
As such, you may need to consider contacting a spray foam insulation removal company
before applying for any sort of finance.

Spray Foam Insulation Can Make a Property Harder to Sell
When it comes to selling your property, spray foam insulation may see a buyer pulling out.
Buyers may pull out because the mortgage lender insists the property undergoes a total roof
replacement. This costly expense would be down to you to finance whether directly or by
agreeing to a price reduction on the property. Either way, the type of insulation could lose
you the sale.

Having spray foam insulation removed may be necessary but well worth the effort and cost. It
takes away any headaches you may have regarding the value of your property. In short, when
you want to sell or re-mortgage, you can do so without worrying a lender may turn you down
because your property has spray foam for insulation. Lastly, spray foam insulation removal
will help ensure the value of your property does not go down.